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Losh & Khoshlesan, LLP prides itself on ensuring our clients receive honest, high quality legal services. Our firm has built a network of contacts in related fields to ensure our clients have all of the support, vendors and resources they require, wherever their case takes them. With Losh & Khoshlesan, LLP, our clients enjoy:

  • Face-to-face meetings with our attorneys
  • Phone consultations
  • Fair pricing/billing
  • Service for clients across California
  • A commitment to constant, open communication
  • Honest assessments of cases

Losh & Khoshlesan, LLP is devoted to not only helping policyholders navigate the complex legal system if need be, but we also put forth our best efforts to resolve our clients’ disputes without litigation. If possible, we will protect policyholders from having to be involved in litigation in the first place.

We handle all types of insurance claims and litigation for fire losses, water losses, business interruption, theft, vandalism, and inverse condemnation (involving government, municipal or public entities) whether for commercial properties, residential properties, or condominiums.

Losh & Khoshlesan, LLP is dedicated to helping policyholders protect themselves during the claims process and in legal battles where necessary.


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