Real Property Insurance Litigation & Bad Faith Claims

Suffered a fire loss? Water loss? Vandalism? Theft?

Was your homeowner’s, commercial property, or business insurance claim denied, delayed, or underpaid?

Bad faith conduct and practices by insurance companies can include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusal to investigate claims thoroughly, properly, and in a timely manner;
  • Unreasonable delay in payment and/or slow payment, or stall tactics;
  • Refusal to pay the full value of a claim;
  • Unreasonable claim denials; or,
  • Unreasonable interpretation of policy language.

Our Los Angeles based property insurance litigation attorneys are highly experienced in the area of real property insurance litigation and bad faith claims.  We concentrate on assisting homeowners, condo owners, commercial property owners and businesses on their insurance claims when they suffer a covered loss.

We represent insureds and policyholders in all matters of insurance litigation, whether the dispute is simple or complex and high-stakes.  We work with our clients in the insurance industry or those with insurance-related problems to understand the specific underlying issues of each case.  Once we understand what is driving the case, our attorneys are able to apply their extensive knowledge of the insurance industry to vigorously and efficiently represent each client.  Our Los Angeles property insurance litigation attorneys are often brought into insurance cases when they become complicated and convoluted.  In these cases, with thousands of documents and limited amounts of time, our success comes from our ability to quickly organize and make sense of what others could not.  Our attorneys who handle insurance litigation are unique in the amount of trial experience and success they have.  However, aside from trial, our attorneys are also able to zealously represent each client’s interest in alternative dispute resolution forums.

Our property insurance litigation team in Los Angeles has brought suits against some of the largest insurance companies on issues involving claim denials, coverage and bad faith, and also provide legal analysis and opinions thereto.  We provide unrivaled skill and expertise to our clients.

Contact us for a consultation and let us use the knowledge and experience we have gained from years of being on the side of the insured and policyholder to keep the insurance company accountable to the promise it made to you.


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